Member and Membership Frequently Asked Questions


General Membership

Can I transfer my membership?
Memberships are generally paid-for by the organization (district/business) and, therefore, can be re-assigned within a member year. Most often this happens when an active member leaves a position and the new hire makes contact to continue the membership.
Contact [email protected] if you have questions or would like to transfer membership.
When does my membership begin / expire?
The membership year for school and business members is September 1 to August 31.
How can I update my contact information?
Members can update their contact information, including email address, title, interests, etc. from the member profile screen when logged-in to

Group Email  / Listserv

MASPA provides its school members and select legal partners with access to an online discussion forum (a.k.a.: Group Email, Listserv) - as a place to exchange ideas, request information, and share updates relevant to human resources and labor relations in Minnesota schools.

While access to the Group is limited, members should not expect communications to be secure nor kept private.

Who has access to the Group Email / Listserv?
Access to the Group Email is limited to active, dues-paying school members of MASPA and State Negotiators that are verified district employees. Additionally, access is granted to attorney representatives from Business Members who represent management in issues of labor relations and negotiations.
Access means that the individual has ability to send and receive messages from the group, as well as search group archives.
How do I email the Group?
To send a message to the group, address your email to [email protected].

Note: the address [email protected] is new as of September 2018. Previously, the email address [email protected] had been used.
Can I access the Group messages through the web?
Yes, active school members can access the Group online at
Online access requires that you have a Google Account where the email address matches the email address you have on your profile.
How do I login to access the Group messages through the web?

The email address associated with your login has access to the group messages. In order to make use of this access, the email account must be linked to a Google Account.
This can be a little confusing but any email address can be a Google Account, including your district email. (That is, a "Google Account" is not the same as a account.)

To make a Google Account associated with your work email is free. Use the following steps:

  • visit (link will open in a new window),
  • click the "Use my current email address instead" and complete the form - using your work email ,
  • verify the account creation by clicking the link sent to your work email inbox ,
  • test by heading back to that archive link
Why am I not receiving emails from the group?
There are a few possibilities. Confirm the following:
  • You are an active, dues-paying school member and verified district employee. Or, an attorney from a firm with an active Business Membership. Review your member profile.
  • You are able to receive email from [email protected]. Review your spam/junk folder for messages. Also confirm delivery with your network/technology support team.
  • Your Google Group email delivery settings have not been set to limit delivery. (Only applies if you can access the Group through the web.)
    • Access the group online at
    • Click on the My settings icon to open your settings menu and select Membership and email settings
    • On the Group membership settings screen, select how you would like to receive email for the group from the drop menu and click Save
After confirming the above, if you are still not receiving Group messages contact [email protected].
Is there anything that is inappropriate to post to the Group?
While access to the Group is limited, members should not expect communications to be secure nor kept private. The basic principle is to use professional discretion, and work from the assumption that anything emailed to the group is part the Public Domain.
If in doubt, contact [email protected] or, reach out directly to another member.
Other professional community norms are expected as well:
  • Posts should be relevant to school operations or to school staff
  • Do not solicit commercial products or services
  • Do not post illegal, confidential, or improperly-licensed content
  • Be professional and constructive

Re. Job Postings: please send your posting announcements to [email protected].  Our general policy is to announce only vacancies in the central HR / Business Office. 

How do I delete a message from the group?
Messages cannot be revoked/removed from members' email inbox after the initial delivery. It is possible to remove a message from the archives: email [email protected] with the request.
Can I search the email archives?
Yes, active school members can access and search the Group messages online at
Online access requires that you have a Google Account where the email address matches the email address you have on your profile.
Help with information requests and member surveys
If you would like assistance with an information request or survey of members please contact [email protected].
Often the group archives will provide some relevant resources and a format upon which new requests can be easily built.


How do I register?
Registration for all events is handled through this site, To register, login to the site and go to the Events section, select the event in question, and click the "Register" button.
Who can attend events? Can I include guests?
All event registrations require either an active School or Business membership, even for "drop-in" attendance. For school personnel, there is a free "Drop-in Membership" option. If you are not an active district employee you may become a business member, or submit your School Membership application for review.
Active members may include guests when registering (note: there may be a drop-in fee for guests).
How do I cancel or update my event registration?
Cancellations and changes to event registrations can be managed through this site,*.
To cancel, visit the "My event registrations section of your profile, click the event in question, then the "Already registered" link in the lower-left of the screen, and then the "Cancel Registration" button.
To change a registration you must cancel and re-register for the event.
* Note: changes and cancellations for lodging at the MASPA Spring Leadership Conference should be handled directly with the host resort.

Invoices / Payments

How can I pay for my membership? Can I pay via Credit Card?
MASPA accepts payment for school memberships and events by check or credit card.  A service fee may be imposed on payments made by credit card.  Business memberships are payable by check.
When will I receive an invoice?
Invoices are automatically generated when activating/renewing membership, and registering for events. You can access all outstanding invoices related to your membership from the Invoices and payments section of your online profile. (If there are multiple members from the same district, or a separate billing contact, invoices for any fees you have incurred may be moved to another contact.)
Invoices will be emailed to you periodically keep from getting too far in arrears. There will always be a notice in mid-to-late May for any amounts due.
Can I handle payment for someone else? (For example, we have multiple members from our district.)
Yes, email [email protected] with your request and all fees can be merged into a single invoice (or divided as you prefer).
If I join mid-year, is the fee prorated? What about if I want to upgrade or downgrade my membership?
Yes, fees for all membership types are prorated.  The pro-ration schedule is determined based on the number of events remaining in the membership year, and the desired membership type.

State Negotiators' Full Membership is prorated as $30 per remaining meeting through from September to May.  Cannot prorate after the May meeting (must either join for the next year and pay $40/meeting drop-in for June, July, August).

MASPA  Full Membership prorates at $85 per remaining conference.  Therefore, the fee based on join date will be:

September - October (prior to Fall conference): $260
November - January (prior to Winter conference): $170
February - August: $85

MASPA  Dues-Only Membership prorates at $45 per remaining conference. Therefore, the fee based on join date will be:
September - October (prior to Fall conference): $125
November - January (prior to Winter conference): $90
February - August: $45

MASPA  Business Membership prorates based on the membership level and join date. Email [email protected] for more information.

Membership upgrades and downgrades operate based on credit (or refund) of amounts already paid and as requested. 

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