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Schools rely on relationships with private sector businesses to provide: advisory services, technology tools, and support to the school workforce. MASPA's role is to help schools form positive, trusting, and effective vendor relationships in the spirit of fiscal responsibility and improved learning outcomes for all students.

As a business providing goods and services to schools, you make a direct impact on student outcomes. Consider reinforcing that impact by applying to become an active Business member of the MASPA and State Negotiators groups. Business Membership is an excellent way for your organization to demonstrate your trustworthiness, positive reputation, and recognition as a leader in working with schools.

Quick Facts from the last member year
  • 15 live events attended by school and business members. Every month offers at least one opportunity to connect with members in either face-to-face or virtual settings.
  • 187 school professionals participate in MASPA events - 148 participate in State Negotiators events.
  • 117 participating school districts
  • 94 average attendees to MASPA conferences; 41 in-person to State Negotiators' meetings
  • Member titles: HR Director HR Supervisor, Manager, or Coordinator Specialist or Generalist Superintendent Other Cabinet Members

Our Philosophy

MASPA and the State Negotiators group have a long history of effective relationships with the community of businesses that serve and support schools in Minnesota.
The MASPA Board of Directors has developed three levels of Business Membership with the goals of:

  1. Connecting vetted businesses with school members to collaborate and solve pressing and complex challenges.
  2. Strengthening the financial security to the association by reducing dependency on school membership dues.
  3. Enhancing school member benefits by way of strategic business memberships.

Unlike many professional organizations, MASPA does not make space for exhibition booths, signage, or other swag at our events. Instead, Business Members are given a head start in developing and maintaining long term relationships with school members. Our regularly occurring events provide you with repeated visibility, exposure, and opportunities network with top-level school decision-makers. Above all, your Business Membership shows your commitment to provide quality services in Minnesota

The annual membership year is September 1 to August 31.
Business Membership for 2023-2024 is now available!
  • Basic
  • The Basic Business Membership provides a bundled marketing package that integrates among MASPA's primary "assets" (website, membership, events, etc.). Increase your visibility with one simple price.
  • $575 / year
  • Profile in Business Member gallery.
  • Recognition in event handouts.
  • Post up to three events to the MASPA events calendar. One event announcement via email to school members.
  • Signup

  • Standard
  • Standard Business membership expands the Basic level with an increased commitment, and provides for increased visibility and direct access at school member events. Representatives can take advantage of a wealth of networking opportunities, to build relationships with current and future clients.
  • $1,750 / year
  • All benefits of Basic membership
  • Registration for one (1) at all events (view schedule of events).
  • Priority ranking in the Business Gallery.
  • Priority ranking in event handouts.
  • Post your events to the MASPA events calendar. We'll send an announcement for your events via email to school members.
  • One co-branded, 60-minute webinar promoted to school members.
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  • Premier
  • Businesses supporting MASPA at the highest level play a crucial role in providing the resources necessary to help school HR professionals achieve their educational mission of delivering a high-quality education to all students Minnesota. In appreciation of this support, MASPA provides Premier Business Members with a wide range of benefits.
  • $3,500 + / year
  • All benefits of Standard membership
  • Three (3) attendee registrations for open events.
  • Recognition as Premier Business Member in event handouts and on
  • Priority access to event sponsorship opportunities.
  • Access to Online Member Directory.
  • Access to stand-out opportunities (examples). Additional fees may apply.
  • Signup

Benefits of Business Membership

Event Attendance
MASPA holds a number of events throughout each member year. These events, both in-person and virtual, provide professional development, growth, and networking opportunities for school members, and a chance for business members to connect and learn.
Business members at each level are permitted a number of attendees at no fee. Additional reps may attend at the standard event fee, subject to Board approval.
The settlements portion of State Negotiators' meetings is restricted to just school members and attorneys that represent school management in negotiations. Others are asked to leave to preserve the confidentiality of the negotiations process.
Event Recognition
Standard and Premier Business members will be verbally recognized in the business meeting portion of each of the three MASPA conferences. All Business members are recognized in MASPA conference program.
Web Presence
Business member profiles will appear in the Business Gallery. Member profiles are rich with information, including the business name, logo, banner image (or video), facts about the work done with in Minnesota schools, testimonials, and a narrative section for the business' offerings. Profile also include specific contact listings. View an existing Business Partner profile.
Examples of Stand-Out Opportunities
Premier Business members demonstrate the support of MASPA and Minnesota public schools through their financial commitments. In turn, the top level membership gives participants more opportunity to communicate their unique value proposition through custom campaigns that are co-created with MASPA leadership. The following are examples of how business members have increased visibility, educated decision-makers, and differentiated their products and services through stand-out opportunities:
Special-Interest Workshops
MASPA supports geographically and topically organized district cohorts through periodic workshops. Agreement may be made for MASPA to market workshops with exclusive sponsorship of featured presentations by a Business member.
Premier Business members have the opportunity to produce and deliver webinars to school members on relevant and timely topics. Webinars are coordinated, marketed, and co-hosted by MASPA leadership - offering a focused and invested audience.
Premier Business members will have the opportunity to provide educational content for periodic email newsletters.
Market Study
Design and facilitation by MASPA leadership of market survey and analysis on topics germane to school membership.


Business Memberships require a one year commitment for the membership year beginning September 1, ending August 31. Membership is subject to continuous approval by the MASPA Board of Directors. The Board evaluates membership applications using a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Experience in the marketplace and evaluation of other strategic relationships the member may hold.
  • Business profile and model, including financial strength (Dunn and Bradstreet, S&P, etc.).
  • Products and services provided.
  • The organization's benefit to public education.
  • The organization's reputation within the school membership.


As a Business Member, you are expected to comply to rules of conduct determined by the MASPA Board and its agents including, but not limited to:

  • No solicitation of school members in connection with MASPA-sponsored activities.
  • Comply with all "prohibition of gift" policies of member schools and the state of Minnesota.
  • Treat other Business Members professionally and with respect.
  • Comply with MASPA's practice of review in the event of complaint.
  • Not use MASPA's brand, identity, images, or other products for any purpose without first receiving written permission.

The MASPA Board and its agents have sole discretion to deny, suspend, terminate, or ban Business Memberships for violations of conduct at any time.

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